Robin Hodges, Jeld-Wen Account Manager. Robin has been with J-Par Trucking since November 11, 2003. She handles large accounts to make sure that they get the dedicated service they deserve. She works with Lowe's and Jeld-Wen Companies handling door shipments to locations all over the southeast. These are dedicated trucks and drivers providing a very sensitive service. She handles all the problems associated with this and handles dispatching needs.

Tommy Hicks, Operations & Safety Director. Tommy has been with J-Par Trucking since July 13, 2001. He is the safety manager for the company and wears many hats during a day. He has a long career in the trucking business.  He currently handles all safety issues for the company along with booking loads, insurance, and many other things that make the company run smoothly each day.

Tami Clemons, Office Manager and Accounting, Tami started for J-Par Trucking on December 7, 2007. Tami was hired at a time of the companies existence when most records were kept manually. She has managed to work hard to move the manual records at first to Quick Books and the later to the McCleod Trucking Software format. Her position has always required her to be able to multi-task and be flexible. Tami is responsible for the day to day accounting activities including accounts payables and receivables. .

Wendy Cook, Payroll and Billing, Wendy was hired on July 14, 2008. She is responsible for handling the payroll for all employees including driver settlements, mileage, fuel bonuses, and other important items. She also handles the daily billing to freight customers.

Jimmy Clark, Head of Dispatching. Jimmy has been with the company for a long time. He and Craig grew up together in the high school days. He handles many facets of the operation each day at J-Par but his main hat is to keep them trucks rolling. He is the head of dispatching handling incoming and outgoing freight loads, making sure we keep income coming in and customer loads to there destination, on time, every time.

Vaughn Elliott, President, She has been with the company for the past nine years. Vaughn is the owner of Craig Trucking, LLC and J-Par Trucking, Inc. She is very committed to the longevity of the company. Working at the office each day she currently handles personnel matters on a day-to-day basis.

Craig Elliott, Founder, Craig was the President of the company until February 26, 2015 when he passed away in his sleep. He was a hero that was larger than life. He gave more than any man should be asked to do to all his friends, customers, and employees. He was inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame and has a bat named after him known worldwide as "The Elliott". His hard work continues today as we carry on his company the way he wanted us to do with great customer service and going above and beyond to be better than we ever thought we could.

Our driving staff: (More pics coming)

Our body shop staff:

Our shop staff:

Our office staff:

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These are the guys that keep our trucks and trailers rolling each day. We are very proud of the support staff at Craig Trucking, LLC. We appreciate what they do day and night to keep our trucks on the road. Above Left, L-R is Tim Watkins, Shop Foreman; Mike Clemmons, Asst Shop Foreman; Jordan Reaves, Mechanic; and Kyle, mechanic. Above Right is Daryl Nutt, our tire engineer, he really keeps us rolling. Far Right is Larry. Brandon is not shown in these pictures.

Meet our in-house body shop team. Not every company is lucky enough to have their own body shop and upholstry staff located right on premise but we are. Craig had a dream of being able to fully take care of our trucks on site so he built a body shop with a full paint room and upholstry facility inside. Stanley Ernest and JC Cottle take acre of any task that comes their way each day.